We are glad to provide the option of storing your miscellaneous items during the off season.

Golf Carts:

  1. Anyone operating or storing a golf cart on Gem Beach Marina property must have a completed Golf Cart Agreement form on file along with up to date insurance information.
  2. Fill out the miscellaneous storage form and return it along with payment.
  3. All carts must have keys left on the cart.  Please mark your keys with your name.
  4. All carts stored in the Twin Beach Road building (old skating rink).  Beginning October 1, you may take your cart to the building for storage.  Please park your cart at the back of the building and leave the keys in the cart.  Our staff will put carts away in the building.
  5. Once stored, golf carts will not be accessible for any reason until spring.

Dock Boxes, Picnic Tables, & Grills:

  1. Fill out the miscellaneous storage form and return it along with payment.
  2. All items must be clearly marked with your name and dock number.
  3. All items that will be stored for the winter must be moved by the owner.  Our staff will not move any items from your dock to take to the storage area.  Please put dock boxes and tables on the pallets along the side of the the Twin Beach Road Building (old skating rink).  Grills should be put at the front door.  Do not put grills on pallets.
  4. Please do not store any items in your dock box that you will need in early spring – ie. dock lines, cleaning supplies, etc. These items may not be accessible until later in the spring. For insurance and safety reasons, no on will be permitted inside the storage area to retrieve items.
Misc Storage
Items To Be Stored

Payment Method *
I hereby agree that I have read the rules and procedures for storing the above listed items. I agree that Gem Beach Marina, Inc. will have no liability whatsoever as the result of any loss or damage to the above items by fire, windstorm, flood, theft or vandalism.   Items left without properly being marked and/or without a form on file may be removed from Gem Beach property.

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