Dockage Rules & Regulations


1. The marina grants vessel owner (referred to as Docker) a non-exclusive license to use the space at the marina for the mooring of the Docker’s registered vessel and none other. This right is only a license and not a lease of property and is terminable at any time by the marina. The marina has no duties of care with respect to the vessel. Use of the mooring space is solely and completely at the risk of Docker. This license is for the use of a single mooring space assigned by the marina, which assignments may be changed by the marina at any time and from time to time. This license is personal to Docker and Docker may not assign this license to any other person or entity.

2. All contract payments are non-refundable.
3. This agreement shall automatically terminate without refund at such time as the Docker sells, leases, or otherwise transfers any or all of its interest in the Vessel to any other party.
4. In the event of the dockage space being vacant, the marina may use this space and guest fees may be charged for the use of the space. The full amount of such fees is payable to and retained by the marina.
5. By execution of this agreement, Docker acknowledges that pursuant to federal maritime law and by the terms of this agreement, the marina shall have a lien on the vessel for money that may become due under this agreement or for any other charges, costs, and fees relating to the Vessel or the space.
6. The season for the license to use mooring space begins April 15, 2024 and ends October 31, 2024. Facilities including the shower facilities and dockside water and electric services may be terminated for the season anytime after October 10, 2024.
7. Small watercraft (jet skis, jet boats, dinghies, kayaks etc.) may not be moored from or alongside the vessel at any time. Arrangements, both daily and seasonal, may be made through the marina office for alternative locations to moor additional watercraft. 8. Docker agrees to abide by all parking rules and regulations. There is absolutely no parking allowed in front of the docks on Pier C and Pier D. *Special note: failure to follow these parking rules will be cause for dockage cancellation without refund. Parking for pier C is only allowed in the parking lot across from the shower facility. Parking for pier D is allowed between the Pier and the bridge. Space is available for one car per dock space. Extra parking is available in the parking lot. Parking for the floating finger piers is available along the wall area at the head of each pier. Do not park in front of a dock other than your own. If you have other equipment (grills, tables, golfcarts, dock boxes)in your specified parking area you will be required to park in the parking lot. Failure to abide by these parking regulations will be cause for dockage cancellation without refund.
9. Any modifications to the dock area must be pre- approved by the management. Any decking or platform additions will be subject to removal and disposal by Gem Beach personnel at anytime without notice. No carpet or similar material is to be installed on the dock, dock stakes, or parking areas. Tents are not permitted in the dock area. Any items attached to the docks, dock area or Gem Beach Marina property will become property of Gem Beach Marina, Inc. Gem Beach Marina retains the right to remove and dispose of any such materials at Docker’s expense.
10. Do not tie the vessel to wooden dock stakes. Docker will be responsible for the cost of replacing any broken dock stakes or any portion of the dock damaged.
11. When your boat is unoccupied for more than 24 hours, all air-conditioning equipment must be turned off. Marina staff may, at anytime, turn off air-conditioning.
12. Electrical cords must be kept in good condition. The marina retains the right to turn off and/or unplug electric cords at any time. Repairs to electrical boxes or cords will be at the sole expense of the Docker should faulty cords or practices result in damage.
13. Laundry shall not be hung from dock or boat railings. Television antennas or satellite dishes are permitted with the permission of management. No electrical equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, etc. may be kept on the docks, piers, roadways or in dock boxes.

14. The boat exterior must be maintained in a reasonably clean condition. All vessels in the marina must be operational. Vessels in disrepair shall, at the sole discretion of the marina management, be subject to removal without refund.
15. There is a fee to store your trailer on Gem Beach property during the dockage season. Trailers are stored for the entire season. Once trailers are stored, they will not be accessible. If you need your trailer before September 15th, there will be an additional labor charge to retrieve it.
16. No outside contractors will be permitted on Gem Beach property to perform any type of service work. Only warranty work may be completed with prior approval from the Gem Beach Marina service department if the vessel cannot be taken to the warrantor’s site. Any violation of this rule will be grounds for the termination of your dockage contract with no refund. It is the sole responsibility of the boat owner to notify Gem Beach Marina in advance of warranty repairs. Contact the service department for information on approved contractors for any canvas repairs or installations.
17. Vessel owner(s) agree that they will only perform work (i.e. oil changes, tune ups, painting, etc.) on their own vessel and no other while on Gem Beach Marina property. Due to insurance requirements, worker’s compensation laws, and general liability no one other than the vessel owner may perform such work. Any violation of this rule will be grounds for the termination of your dockage and/or storage contract without refund. Disposal of waste oil and parts may never be done in the marina dumpster or trash facilities. Please see the service department staff for disposal procedures and to pay any disposal fees.                  18.The shower facility is a private facility for personal use by Gem Beach Dockers only. It is NOT to be used for dishes or laundry. Do not allow access to the shower facility to others. It is your responsibility to help keep the facility secured to insure a decent level of cleanliness. Please notify marina of any issues including repairs, maintenance, or misuse of the shower facility. In order to not overwhelm the facility, dockers with local residence shall not use the facility for overflow of guests at their home or cottage. It is only for use while staying aboard your vessel.

19. Absolutely no solicitations, advertising, signage, or commercial enterprises will be permitted in the marina or on boats. For Sale signs are not permitted with the exception of Gem Beach Marina brokerage signs.
20. If you list your boat for sale on Craigslist or other online forum, we will not permit unauthorized persons on marina property. Dock location will not be given out by marina personnel. Docker may NOT post dock location on any listing. It shall be the owner’s responsibility to accompany potential buyers when on Gem Beach marina property. This is for yours as well as the marina’s security.                                                    21. No open fires including charcoal or gas grills are permitted on boats or docks at any time. Approved grills may be used on the asphalt or stone parking areas. Violators will be subject to termination of the dockage contract.
22. ABSOLUTELY no ground fires or pits will be allowed on the property at any time. No fireworks or firearms are allowed . Violators will be subject to immediate removal from the property and termination of the dockage contract.
23. Fueling of any vessel dockside will NOT be allowed at any time, under any circumstances.
24. Dock boxes must be approved by management (Size and Material) Management reserves the right to remove any unsightly dock boxes or storage containers at their discretion.
25. There is absolutely no swimming in the harbor at any time. It is unsafe due to the possibility of electrical shock drowning and prohibited by Marine Licensing Laws.
26. Fishing is prohibited in the marina harbor as well as anywhere on marina property.
27. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Vicious breeds are not allowed. Dogs may not be left on board or tied up unattended. Walk dogs in the field areas & pick up after your pet. If dog(s) become a nuisance in the opinion of management, they must be removed from the marina.
28. Dock renters are responsible for their own and guest’s conduct. Guests are welcome but shall be informed of marina
regulations. Be considerate of other dockers at all times. Loud and boisterous parties/intoxication will not be tolerated. Improper behavior is not acceptable. Behavior or conduct that in the complete and sole discretion of Management is a nuisance or is detrimental to the marina, management, employees, the facilities, other dockers or customers will not be tolerated. Such behavior may subject the offending parties to removal from Gem Beach Marina, termination of docking rights, termination of any and all rights or privileges at Gem Beach or any other penalty, sanction or action which management deems appropriate for the situation and circumstances.
29. Marina quiet hours are 11 PM – 7 AM. Violation of quiet hours will be grounds for termination of your docking privileges at Gem Beach Marina, Inc. without refund.
30. Trash dumpsters are for the sole use of Gem Beach Marina dockers. Trash from home or cottages is not to be disposed of in Marina dumpsters. Large items (i.e. carpet, grills, chairs, etc.) should not be disposed of in any dumpster. Please see marina management regarding disposal of such items. Please follow the posted recycling program that is in place for plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard, etc. We appreciate your cooperation. 31.Waste oil & other chemicals/hazardous materials are never to be disposed of in dumpsters. See the service department regarding disposal of such items.
32. Fish cleaning area is for use by marina members only. Please clean up after using the cleaning station. All fish waste must be disposed of properly. DO NOT place fish waste in the trash dumpster. Fish waste should be wrapped tightly and disposed of in the marked can or freezer that is near the cleaning area. If you have questions about the fish cleaning area or procedures, please ask.
33. Use of campers & RVs are prohibited by the O.C.H.D. Temporary parking arrangements will only be permitted with prior approval.

34. Rules & Regulations are subject to change by Marina management.
35. Golf carts are permitted on marina property only with the execution of the separate golf cart agreement.
36. Per Insurance regulations any boat manufactured before 1990 will need to provide the following in order to execute a dockage contract.

A. Proof of seaworthiness via a recent marine survey or auxiliary coast guard safety inspection report

B. Proof of Insurance with amounts of coverage

Recent photo(s) of the boat may be requested at the discretion of marina management.

37. The listed docker, spouse and minor children are recognized for use of the marina facilities and social activities. In the event of the vessel having an additional owner, the additional owner is only recognized for use of the vessel and will be a guest of the primary vessel owner for purposes of social activities and use of the facilities. If the additional owner would like to have access to the use of the facilities including the restaurant, bar, and pool on their own account, there will be a $399 social membership fee. (Pool passes will also be additional cost as is for the docking member.) In order to purchase the additional owner membership, the named individual must appear on the vessel title and a copy will need to be filed with the marina office. This additional membership is subject to current capacity and availability and may be limited at any given time.